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Server Backup by Dropmysite

Continuous Backup

Server Backup is file-based, continuous backup in the cloud. Simply specify your OS, profile name, directories and exclusions, then download the application client (<2MB) and your backup will start. Server backup will capture every change on your server and backup it up making sure that nothing is lost.

Customized Retention

With Server Backup, you can customize backup data retention policy based on your company’s needs. You may choose to retain a copy of every single change on your server or you can go for daily or weekly backups. Best of all, you can also opt for a logarithmic retention policy retaining more of the recent versions and less of the older ones.

One-Click Restore

Recovering your server data very quickly is key to your business continuity and for this purpose we allow unlimited restores and downloads. You can restore either the full server or choose specific file(s) or folder(s) to restore with the click of a button.

High Granularity

Since Server Backup is continuous and all changes can be captured, you can easily track any changes to the server files you are backing up. You can verify that all file changes in the latest release are correct and ensure it has been backed up properly.

Process Throttling

Pick the processor throttling option that best suits your needs. Opt for low “CPU Priority” to minimize interference with any high-priority applications running on the server you are backing up.

Faster Backups

Server Backup has byte-level change detection. This means that it only backs up the incremental changes.

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Secure Backup Storage

Dropmysite pays special attention to ensure that your backups are secure while backing up and when stored on our servers. Dropmysite deploys military-grade encryption to protect your data. This includes AES 256-bit encryption, at rest and in transit, as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) endpoints. All backups are stored on Amazon Web Services data centers which have multiple system security and data protection certifications, including SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and ISO-27001.