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Have a MySQL Server Database?

No worries. Dropmysite offers the best in class solution for you to backup your MySQL database.

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Automatically backup your database daily in just 1 easy step

Select database type as MySQL enter the port number, host name, database name, username and the password for your database and that’s it. Your initial backup will start automatically.

Once the initial backup is complete, we will automatically schedule daily backups and you don’t have to do a thing.

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Schedule your backup from once a day to once a month

We provide you the flexibility to back up your MySQL database on a Daily, biweekly, weekly, fortnightly, bimonthly or Monthly basis for all plans.

You can also set the time of the day and the time zone as to when should the data be backed up.

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Get unlimited restores / downloads. Restore your entire database with just a click of button

We understand being able to restore very quickly is key to your business and for this purpose we allow for unlimited restores and downloads of the backed up data.

Restore or download your database files with just a click of a button. Select the version of the backup you wish to restore and click on restore. It’s that simple!

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