Finally, the peace of mind you deserve

Take comfort in knowing that your information is always safe and secure and can easily be restored.

Insure your online asset and ensure Business continuity

In the same way you insure your home or automobile, we recommend you insure your online presence by having backups of your website files. We've seen it happen more than a few times:

Why business continuity
  • A website gets hacked, your website's developer moves on (aka disappears), or there's plain old human error.
  • Website owners did not have a copy of their website on their own PC.
  • Cost of downtime can be really costly (up to $7,900 per minute in some cases)

But now you can rest easy, knowing you have regularly scheduled backups, a restore plan, and even website monitoring, so you can be notified any time there is a website outage. All for few cents/day!!

Fewstones bougle

I love DropMysSite: not only were we able to reduce our hosting costs by reducing our storage space for backups, but we also now have a lot more freedom to easily change hosting company and also provides a lot of granularity in restoring partial backups. DropMySite gives us peace of mind and independence at a very affordable price.

JC Bougle, Co-founder at fewStones

Don’t be the next Target

Securing cyberspace is hard. Hackers are looking for ways to gain quick access to consumer data and financial information. The segment of business hardest impacted is the small and mid-sized business.

Why target
  • 30,000 websites get hacked every day. The majority of these sites are legitimate businesses that are unknowingly distributing malicious code for the cyber criminals.
  • Small business owners make an ideal target, because they don’t know they are a target and lack resources to quickly resolve.
  • Most website owners (63%) simply don’t know how their sites were compromised.

Why Dropmysite

Now anyone can backup their website. No IT knowledge needed.

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And easy to use interface to backup their your website and database. Just enter your FTP, SFTP or RSYNC details and backups will start automatically.

Icon restore


Recreate your website files and databases with one-click restore. Choose from up to 30 backup versions for easy recovery.

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Lost your local copy of data file? Don’t worry. Our one-click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere.

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Use of military grade encryption and industry standard security practices ensures your data is protected, secure and always available.

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Check if your website is deemed unsafe for browsing by Google using our integrated Google’s Safe Browsing.

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Monitor the uptime of your website from 3 continents and get notified in the event of a server or network outage.