Frequently Asked Questions

How do I backup a Database

Sign in to your account and you will be redirected to your Dashboard.

If you have not backed up any website or database yet, you would see the backup website button on the dashboard.

New user dashboard

Click on the #“Añadir Base de Datos” button.

Backup website - Connection details

  1. Select your database kind which you want to backup. We currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database.
  2. Enter the port number of your database connection. The default port is 3306 / 5432 / 27017. Enter the host name, username and password for your database server and click on #“Siguiente”
  3. Enter the name of the database you wish to backup.
  4. Enter the username and password for a user with read, write and execute access to your database. If there is no such user please create the user and then input it here.
  5. Once your connection has been tested, you will be asked to schedule your backup.

Backup website - Schedule backup

  1. Select the frequency of the backup such as once a day or once a week.
  2. Then select the time when you want to schedule your backup and your time zone.
  3. Then click on #“Siguiente” to confirm your backup schedule.

Set a name for your profile and confirm your settings and then click on #“Guardar” and your database will be scheduled for backup.

Dropmysites's Support team is here to help from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM SGT, Monday through Friday.

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