Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website monitor tool

#“Website Monitor” will allow website owners instant alerts when their online data suffers catastrophic events like website outage, hacks, database crashes and more. With immediate notice of website problems, it is possible to fix it before irreparable damage is done to the website, business and reputation.

This new tool will complement the existing website/database backup with alerts when the user's cloud data is compromised. Owners can choose to receive free email notifications.

  1. How to Monitor Website Availability

    We allow you to monitor the uptime of your website and notify you via email in the event of a server or network outage. You can monitor your website from anywhere through the web or on mobile.

  2. How to Generate Website Performance Reports

    Our Solution lets you analyze the response time (in msecs) of your website from around the world and view them graphically on a chart. You can monitor the performance of either a GET, POST or a HEAD request.

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