Frequently Asked Questions

How much backup space do I need Or How is the amount of used storage calculated

We recommend you to please start with the lowest plan and we will calculate the size and you can upgrade to the optimum plan for your need then. Do not worry as we won’t stop the 1st backup even if you have lesser space. Subsequent backup will only be stopped.

If you still want to determine how much backup space you need, you need to know

  • What is the size of your website files
  • What is the size of your database
  • What is your backup frequency for website
  • What is your backup frequency for database
  • How many versions of website and database do I need to backup

With dropmysite you can select a backup frequency from once a day to once a month and you can keep upto 30 versions of your backup.

Let us assume you decide to keep 7 versions of your backup copies.

Assume that website is 45 GB and you have 2 databases of 1.5 GB and 200 GB (mysql dump)

Please note that Website backups are incremental, database backups are not.

So for 7 versions you will need

Database 1: 200MB x 7 versions = 1.4 GB
Database 2: 1,5GB x 7 versions = 10.5 GB
Website initial backup 1st version = 45.0 GB
Incremental for website 1GB x 6 versions = 6.0 GB
around 63.0GB

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