Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my website performance data

You can view the website performance data of each of the website monitor by clicking on the #“Performance” button beside the respective website monitor on the dashboard. Dashboard

You would then be taken to the Website Monitor Results page where you can view the data of the website's performance on different regions. Performance Data

You can use the region filter option to view the data of a particular region.

The data shown include:

  • Date – The date of which the result is shown.
  • Minimum – The minimum response time for the day.
  • Maximum – The maximum response time for the day.
  • Average – The arithmetic average response time for the day.
  • Tests – The number of tests performed throughout the day.
  • Failures – The number of times the monitor failed.
  • Uptime – A percentage of the number of success tries over the number of tests.

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